Saturday, May 23, 2009

Think Pink???

Laila found Tavis' Halloween costume the other day and put it on almost by herself! I had to help her with one revealing shoulder! Anyway... point being... I THOUGHT I HAD A GIRL!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Girls

Or more correctly, the kids Aunts... Lorena, Marlena, Becca, & Millie! They call them "The Girls" though.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


My little soccer star, he is so wise... last week he told Grandma, "It's not about winning Grandma. It's about having fun!"

Kaden Michael ready for soccer!

Laila blowing kisses...

Laila in her shades!

Kaden monkeying around!

Tavis sliding...

Kaden gave Laila a little push!!!


Trying to keep up with brothers.

My Albino princess... you'd never guess her name means dark beauty!

Spider Boy Tavis

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day at the park


Okay get me out of here now! This is Laila's 'you've broken my heart' move!

That tickles Momma!

Laila chasing the geese... she calls them ducks though!

Kaden sporting the 'Bubba' look!

Again awkward because of Tavis and Laila not cooperating!

Half a pic of Tavis, he is oober hard to get a picture of because he won't stay still or look the right direction. I've decided I'm going to by a huge singing fish and just glue it to a hat and wear it whenever I need a picture of Tavis or Laila. So if you see me out in public like this; don't mock!

Kaden climbing a tree. Please ignore his crazy style choise... he insisted on wearing the tech vest with no shirt versus his dress shirt and tie. Why do kids have to argue about EVERYTHING????

Laila checking out the geese... there was a super cute pose of her actually pointing at them but I was too slow to snap it!!! :0(

Laila by the waterfall!

Kaden took this picture for me!

These little guys pose better for pictures than my kids do!