Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day at the park!

Laila in her pretty spring dress!

I am playing not posing mom!

Laila running away from momma trying to take her picture!!!

Tavis feeding the geese!

Laila swinging!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Go Orange Flames!!!

My soccer kid in action!

Laila wanted to play too! She even ran on the field mid game... YIKES!!!

Tavis was more interested in the playground equipment than Kaden's game.

Waiting for his other little teammates to get their turns.

Kaden's first soccer game was today! His little team is called the Orange Flames... he did so well. I was so proud of him and all the goals he made!:)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


That Bunny ain't got nothin' on me!!!

My handsome boys who are wearing pink because they are just that MANLY!!!

Bratt Bunny did not think that picture posing was the Easter thing to do!

Throwing a fit because Mommy dared to take her picture!

The Easter bonnet that stayed on a total of five seconds.

Tavis Bunny

Kaden Bunny

The Easter dress!

Laila is turning into a rabbitt... the ears, & the red beady eyes too!!! ? How come I can't rock a double chin like this and still look adorable???

The baskets

I'm afraid my little Geek star is onto us and our Bunny masquerading ways... he kept yelling, "I saw Milly hiding the eggs!"

Tavis has found a new best friend, "My Eggy!" He carried this one egg around all day... he at one point found another plasic egg and put his blue hard boiled buddy into it! What a strange one!!!

Laila would smash her eggs each time she found one so needless to say she had a basket full of egg salad!

Kaden found an egg in the tree!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's too darn quiet!

What is this? An Aborigine in by babies room?

What a mess...

The Baby Powder Bandit... that guilty little culprit!

Yes, mommy I am too cute to be mad at!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Crazy Tavis Boy

Tavis you are such a funny little man! You and your adorable dimples melt mamma's heart every time. You have the funniest things you love to say and do... for instance you "roll" or in real world terms sommersault everywhere you go. It is the weirdest and yet most endearing thing I have ever come accross.

You are always jumping around saying, " Ranger up!" I am guessing one of your sitters has been letting you watch Power Rangers... but it is the funniest thing. You grab your little wrist when you say it and jump off the furniture doing a flying kick and of course highlighting the whole thing with your own personal sound effects!

You say, " Mom I sit you?" and then plop right down on me with finger in mouth... and proceed to rub my ear! I say you spend at least half of your waking hours just like this!

Okay you are really addicted to changing your clothes, and just clothes in general! I have no idea how you even find all this stuff. In this lovely pic you have your Easter shorts on from last year, one sock, your spider man t-shirt, a dress (much to my dismay) from Heavenly's dress-up box, and your new Spring dress shirt! Now if only I could get you on Top Model...

Showing me the shorts... of course!!!