Saturday, April 26, 2008

Family Photos

So I don't know if this is something that happens as you get older or something but my mom keeps giving me tons of old pictures. She says she finds them in boxes and in the garage. I am running out of room and I definately don't have time to scrapbook them because I'm busy trying to keep up on my own kids books. So what to do with these boxes of copies and outdated pics? BLING-- SLIDE SHOW! So I hope everyone enjoys.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gone to the cows!

So as some of y'all may know my sister Lindsay has been dating a cowboy off and on... Lindsay introduced Kaden to her friend and it was cowboy history. He is sold on ropes, saddles, and rodeos. He'd probably ride off into the sunset if I let him. As for his five year old future aspirations he has two. He wants to be a fireman and a missionary. We were out running errands last week and a cashier ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up... he said that he was going to be a missionary. She looked as though he'd said he wanted to grow up and become a elephant or something. I ended up explaining his comment and having a missionary moment of my own. He is always getting me in these sharing situations. The primary has a goal to read the Book of Mormon and we've been making a hearty effort. He is quite taken with Nephi and made a bead headband with his counselor and then proceeded to wear it throughout his entire day of preschool. I got to explain to a few teachers as well as a volunteer mother who the heck Nephi was.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Score, I found this movie at Wal Mart. I loved this movie as a little girl. This movie, Seven Wives for Seven Brothers, and Newsies were some of my all time childhood favorites. I have two sisters so there were three of us just like the chipettes. Wow I can still remember fighting with my sister Annica about how I was gonna be Brittany and she was gonna be Jeanette because she had glasses like Jeanette. Although she would point out that I was the oldest and Jeanette was the oldest so she was Brittany the middle child. Poor Lindsay was always stuck being the cute chubby Eleanore. What fun... anyway I got the movie for my kids (and me) and Kaden loves Alvin. We were out at my moms house this past weekend and little Tavis put on one of her shirts, a red turtle neck. All he was missing was a big bright yellow 'A'. I will add the Alvin look alike pic after I go to my moms and get it off her camera.

----------------------------Rock'n & Roll'n----------------------------------

Well, of Laila has been rolling for a month or so but she just started rocking on all fours last week. She's trying to keep up with her older brothers I guess.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poor Kaden! My little man has pink eye so couldn't get his pictures taken today. I still think he's handsome though even with puffy eyes.

I couldn' t get Tavis to spit out his "bum" (A.K.A GUM) so you fight the battles you can win. He's smiling and not crying so I count it as a win.

This is Laila's six month picture. I found these glasses and thought they were the best. She is such a super star!

Monday, April 14, 2008

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Okay so as you may notice in this as well as the next photo my boys are bald! The drama unfolds... A couple of days prior to this I took the boys in and had their hair cut. It was adorable. Styled into the cute little faux hawks and and everything. Well Kaden decided that night that he was a professional hair stylist. After he'd been put to bed he decided to sneak out and via the army crawl (I know this tidbit because he included it in his explaination later) go get the scissors. He then proceeded to butcher his hair as well as little Tavis' and of course a defensless pillow. Oh my goodness I was so mad and was praying for patience because I really felt like selling them to the gypsies right then. Anyway it was a long night because I had to help Kaden pick up this disaster. The funny part came when we were cleaning up... Kaden says, "I'm not strong anymore mom!" He has a little friend in primary named Samson so I just recently had told him the story about Samson. I got a kick out of that even though he looks like he's had a run in with chemo. Oh well, I guess it serves me right for all the poor children I "styled" in my youth. Let's see I think I cut Annica's, Lindsay's, Mitch's, and Audrey's hair.

I took the boys to the PBR the other night. Kaden has been doing horse riding weekly so he wanted to go see the cowboys ride the bulls. I just saw an opportunity to put their Halloween costumes into more than just annual use!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby blue eyes! They're still blue. I don't know if they'll last. Kadens were blue like Laila's until he was nine months old and then they turned dark brown. Tavis has a green, blue, grey hazel mix going on but I just love Laila's bright blue eyes.

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Easter Sunday! Grandma Susan and Grandpa Glenn came over for church. Grandma made these cute activity bags for the boys to use during Sacrament meetings for Easter. They loved them! As a matter of fact I couldn't even get my little turkey Tavis to let go of it for a family picture. Yikes he sure can scream so we didn't do 'family'. We did get some good pictures of him with his bag. The Easter Bunny went 'Spidy' for Easter. We had red webbed eggs filled with yummy treats hidden all over the yard. The boys had so much fun finding eggs. Kaden kept helping Tavis by finding his eggs for him and putting them in his basket. At least I can be proud that he wasn't keeping them for himself I guess.

Bathing Beauty! My sweet Laila went swimming at the hotel when we were in Disney Land. Oh my she takes my breath away sometimes. I found this cute little swimmy number at Target. I love Target.

Disney Land

We went to Dinsey Land this past Februaury. Lindsay and her friend Connie had a big marathon thing at Huntington Beach, so the kids and I tagged along so we could go visit the Mouse. Boy did we have a ton of fun. The kids got to visit with their favorite Disney friends and with my wonderful sister, Lindsay's, help I even got to ride a few "big kid" rides myself. We had gone a year before but Kadn was too short for the majority of the rides. This year he had grown enough to go on almost all of the rides. Tavis is unfortunately still a shorty but he did get some, "Cannnneeeee" (candy) so he was quite pleased with the whole adventure. Laila mostly slept and broke my back in her little baby carrier. I couldn't find even one set of ears to fit her. I was so sad but we bought her a hat even though it was too big. We had a super time and I got lots of cute pictures!

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Laila was born October ninth 2007 and is my beautiful babe. She is a joy to our family and we all just love her.

Tavis is two years old and is my little tank! He is very active like his older brother. He loves to dance and is learning to talk which is always funny and cute.

Kaden is five years old and high gear. He is so active and strong. He can already climb to the top of his gym rope. He is so sweet too. He wants to be like Nephi and often walks around with a headband around his forehead... he even wore it to school one day!

Heavenly is seven and my daughter through marriage. She is beautiful and girl through and through. She loves pink, dresses, lip gloss, and purses. She'd live in high heels if she could. She is great with the younger kids and loves her new little sister.