Saturday, October 4, 2008

8 is Great!

8 T.V. shows I love:

1) Cold Case
2) Top Design
3) Law & Order SUV
4) Iron Chef America
5) Design on a Dime
6) That 70's Show
7) Top Chef
8) America's Next Top Model

8 Restaurants I Love:

1) Costa Vida
2) Asian Fusion Grill
3) Tepenyaka Steak House
4) Olive Garden ( Good ol' soup & salad; can't beat it!)
5) Cheese Cake Factory
6) Carl's Jr. ( They're the only that serve squirt so that's all I really get there... it's nice to not have to unload the kids to just get a drink!)
7) PF Changs
9) The Goodwood

8 Things that happened yesterday:

1) I turned 28yrs. old
2) Tavis poured baby powder all over my house
3) Worked
4) Went to the Melting Pot with Lindsay for dinner
5) Took out the trash
6) Watched Conference
7) Gave the dirty boogers a bath
8) Cleaned the carpet

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to:

1) Going through the Temple later this Fall
2) Visiting Family in Vegas next week
3) Laila saying, "I love you!" for the first time
4) Losing some weight
5) Watching my kids grow up (although that one is biter sweet)
6) Visiting my niece Faye over the Holidays
7) Traveling
8) Going back to school for Journalism

8 Things I wish:

1) My kids would be cleaner
2) That I had financial stability... with some cush ;)
3) That my kids grow up with strong and genuine testimonies
4) That I could stay at home with my babies
5) That Annica and Faye bugs lived close by
6) I wish that I could play the guitar and piano
7) I wish that my kids continue to have great health
8) I wish that I could take my kids on fun adventures around the world

8 People that I Tag

1) Jamie
2) Kim H.
3) Bethany
4) Lorena
5) Jillian
6) Kim
7) Jen
8) Heather