Monday, February 2, 2009

Fortune Valentines!

So Kaden has track break right now, up until after Vday so his class celebrated Vday early. We made these together and they were quite fun to put together!

The Vday paper fortune cookie...

The cookie opened up, has a Vday 'fortune' or thought, and some heart sprinkles & a kiss!

Here are the Panda Express mini to-go boxes. I bought 22 boxes for a $1.50! We filled each box with more candy and sweet treats and then of course the fortune cookie!!!

Here is the finished product... Kaden wrote the names of his classmates on the boxes like so... I did his teachers because it was too long for him to squish with his large and in charge penmenship.


Hansen Household said...

What a fun and creative idea. I bet the kids just ate up that idea. What a great mom!

Brenda E said...

It's always fun to make our children's day by making the holiday celebrations special. It looks like it was fun.

Nicole Cave said...

That is such a cute little idea.

Jessica said...

I like this! He probably had so much fun making these with you and handing them out to his class mates.